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CWHLPA Unveils New Logo; Announces Partnership with Sports Marketing Allstars

In News/PR by SMA staff

The Canadian Women’s Hockey League Players’ Association (CWHLPA) is excited to announce a new partnership with Sports Marketing Allstars. This partnership will give visibility to the CWHLPA, as well as offer ALL players of the CWHL a unique opportunity to grow their public image and small businesses. The initial project of this new partnership was the designing of a CWHLPA logo (see above.) This logo is the first step in helping the PA create their own brand and identity. The next stage will be the development of a website which will also act as a hub to help connect and support the players of the CWHL.

The CWHLPA is proud to represent the talented, driven and community- conscious players of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. These players dedicate their careers to growing the game of women’s hockey locally, nationally and internationally. Between practices, games, road trips, National team competition, coaching, non-hockey careers, families and so much more — the average CWHL player has no time to consider their own personal branding.

The partnership with Sports Marketing Allstars offers the players of the CWHL a trusted resource for logo design, web development, print and apparel, social media, and event planning.

“It’s such an exciting opportunity for our players. They give so much back to their communities. This is the best way to keep up with the growing demand for their presence in the hockey world and beyond,” Liz Knox, CWHLPA Co-Chair.

“I have been working closely with the Markham Thunder over the past few seasons. These women are passionate, skilled, hardworking, professional hockey players. The only difference between the women and the men is that the women don’t get the same exposure or the money that the men do. My goal is to help empower them and provide them with the resources to turn themselves into all-stars off the ice, too!” Steve Conforti, President, Sports Marketing Allstars.

About the CWHLPA:

The Canadian Women’s Hockey League Players’ Association (CWHLPA) is made up of volunteer representatives from each of the 5 North American teams in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) – Calgary, Markham, Montreal, Toronto, and Worcester; as well as the China-based Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays. We are recognized as the exclusive bargaining representatives for the players of the CWHL with respect to terms and conditions of employment.

About Sports Marketing Allstars:

Sports Marketing Allstars (SMA) is a division of We Are Creative Inc. – a boutique marketing agency located in Bolton, Ontario. The focus of SMA is to work with athletes and teams to help them create and develop their own brand through the use of various mediums, including print, web, social media, apparel/promotions, and events. Over the years SMA has had the privilege of working with some all-star clients. They include: the Markham Thunder (CWHL), Laura Stacey (Team Canada/Markham Thunder), James Neal (Calgary Flames, NHL), the Toronto Argonauts (CFL), and Melanie Collins (CBS Football).